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The following documents can be viewed online or downloaded: Operational Safety Guide, User Manual, Maintenance, FAQ & Troubleshooting.

Common problem

  • How do I supply water?

    For each water supply type (bottle/tap/tank) Dr. Coffee has a corresponding solution. Contact customer service or a sales professional for model and solution details.

  • Are there any water quality specifications?

    Water supplied to coffee makers should be of as low hardness as possible. Dr. Coffee recommends purified water with TDS value no higher than 80ppm  for all our models.

  • What if my water is too hard?

    Over time, the pipeline of the machine could be blocked with scale buildup. If you have hard water, remember to descale often. Contact customer service or a sales professional for more details.

  • Any power supply specifications?

    Our machines work perfectly with utility power, 220V, 10A/16A depending on power.  Contact customer service or a sales professional for model details.

  • How much room should I leave for my coffee maker?

    We recommend leaving an extra 20cm in height, depth and width on top of the machine size.

  • What is the service menu password?

    The service password for all Dr. Coffee machines is "1609".

  • How do I start using a new machine?

    Fill up the water tank or connect your water supply, fill up the bean hopper, and turn on the machine. Once the machine is on, calibrate the grind before proceeding with tasks.

  • Why should I calibrate the grind?

    A cup of coffee takes a relatively fixed amount of coffee grounds. But the amount of grounds per grind can be different, depending on the type of beans.

    By calibrating the grind, your coffee machine comes out with the precise amount of grounds needed, making sure that each cup is served with consistent quality.

  • What accessories are there?

    Electric cable, user manual, water supply pipe, wrench, plastic buffers. Accessories may vary depending on the model. We recommend that you keep all accessories.

  • Shall I re-calibrate my machine''s grind later in use?

    Re-calibrate your grind if:

    1. you change to different beans; or

    2. the components are worn over time, in which case the amount of grounds may be inconsistent.

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